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The Afterschool Olympics Season 1 Backpack contains all of the materials needed to complete ALL 24 events for the season. Everything is pre-counted, pre-cut, and packaged so that the Olympian is ready to begin competing right away. More than 75% of the materials in this learning backpack are going to be re-used in future seasons! The backpack is the start of the learner's brain-building, STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Math) toolkit. 


One backpack is suitable for a solo competitor, family, or a small team working together in any learning environment! Virtual teammates separated geographically may want to each have their own backpacks in order to work on projects in tandem. 


Every purchase helps to keep this platform available for free, and for every 10 backpacks that are sold, we donate one to a family in need for free. 


The Afterschool Olympics Season 1 Learning Backpack

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Season 1 learning backpacks inventory (what's in the bag?):

    1 pack sticky notes 3x3 inch
    20 sheets of paper
    30 Index cards (3x5) and/or (5x7)
    Base Ten Blocks (Units x 100)
    25 Rubber bands
    1 Propeller
    2 Pencils
    Car kit (2 dowel rods, 4 plastic project wheels)
    1 Roll of Masking tape
    4 Straws
    10 Popsicle Sticks
    6 feet of twine / string 
    2 Plastic baggies
    1 Plastic bottle caps
    1 yard copper tape
    Battery holder
    2 mini bulb LED
    Modeling Dough
    2 Plastic Forks
    3 Toothpicks
    5 Paper Clips
    3 Alligator Clips (wire)
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