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Sponsors provide all the materials needed by participants for our events! 

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Whether you sponsor a single competitor or an entire classroom, you are supporting their growth and learning and helping us close achievement gaps. Every single student who is sponsored receives all the tools they need to succeed. Everyone deserves to start on level playing ground.

How to Sponsor Teams


Fill out the required information on the  registration form. For agencies, schools, districts and other organizations, you can simply upload a .csv file and we will take care of the rest. 



Sponsors are listed on the sponsor page and The Afterschool Olympics site along with being highlighted on social media and through a newsletter. 

Participants have fun while learning STEM concepts and critical thinking skills as they compete for scholarships and other prizes.  


Sponsors are highlighted and thanked at the end of the season and at the awards ceremony. 

I would like to sponsor a TEAM

provide over 100 hours
of family learning!

1 Olympian Backpack Learning Kit filled with all of the needed materials for 24 activities in the 2021-2022 season of The Afterschool Olympics (that's over 50+ hours of learning!)This is enough material for 1 household or family team. 

I would like to register several teams

provide over 500+ hours
of family learning!

5 Olympian Backpack Learning Kits filled with all of the materials for 5-10 competitors to complete all 24 activities in Season 1 of The Afterschool Olympics (that's 250+ hours of learning total!).  This package is ideal for a team or group of friends working together even when apart.

Districts, Schools and OST Programs

I would like to register a bunch of teams!

I'd like to donate a custom amount

 There is no amount too great or too small! Every dollar helps us close the education gap by helping students overcome barriers they encounter on their learning journeys. Every student has a different story. Your contribution can change one for the better.

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