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Breaking Down Barriers.

Our mentorship program with community partners and volunteers not only models strong community leadership skills, it also offers far reaching opportunities to our youth by fostering the development of a mental framework that serves as a foundation for future learning.  Removing barriers to health, wellness and education is our top priority.


Celebrating everyday heroes, everyday. 

Kids with Capes




Students and families in any community should have access to positive role models and high quality educational programming

Collaboration, Competition, Learning, and Prizes.

All of our game-based learning programs are aligned with the Social/Emotional Development and Learning (SEDL) guidelines for NY State and designed to enhance academic skills, spark intellectual curiosity and encourage students to explore their interests and expand their worldview.

Four Pillars of Support

for our youth...

Successful learning platforms should have certain features. They should allow for collaboration, be accessible, offer choice and flexibility for each learner, and they should be fun! On the educator side, they should be designed with effective scaffolding in mind so that they are applicable to all learners.  

Community Programs

Community Relationships

Building cohesion and alignment between CBOs and our community partners through leadership activities and mentoring sessions (both in the community and remotely at our partner site, Camp Wabenaki, in upstate New York.

Community Connection

Community Building

This includes all of the planning and effort applied by stakeholders towards creating new partnerships and expanding existing partnerships to ensure long-term sustainability of the program. 

The thousands of hours of afterschool programming executed every year can be spent fostering positive interactions between local youth, business owners, service agencies and local law enforcement officers, helps to break down barriers, allowing youth to build positive relationships and ultimately strengthening the diverse communities where the participants reside.

Using existing relationships and funding, the C.A.R.E. Programs platform acts as an incubator for new ideas and programs that align with the mission and philosophy of supporting the concept of community as a curriculum vitae for our youth. 



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In-kind donations of materials and volunteer hours are needed!

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